How to Transfer Angry Birds Scores from iPhone to Mac!

After the launch of Mac App Store people are now capable to run iOS applications on your Mac machines. If you are one of those game freaks who love to play Angry Birds which is one of the top most and popular games played on iOS devices these days then you will now enjoy that game on your Mac too. Those of you who want to transfer their scores on their Mac can now do so. Not only this, there are many users who may want to carry their save files between their iDevice and their Mac. Right now the Angry Birds that is available at Mac App Store is actually the same game that you were playing on your iPhone and other iOS devices but it is just scaled a little bit for the full screen on your computer.

Different iPhone have to follow different way to transfer iPhone Transfer Mac procedures;

For lock/un-jailbreak iPhone

There is an application called iPhone Explorer which is capable to work with iPod Touch, iPad and other iOS devices. Just download this application and install it to your Mac and plug the iPhone to Mac and use iPhone Explorer to navigate to Apps > Angry Birds > Documents

Next create a folder on your Mac called “Angry Birds Files” and drag and drop these following files into it:

  • DataScore
  • FetchManager
  • Highscores.lua
  • PostManager
  • Settings.lua

Then remove iPhone from the Mac. Now install Angry Birds after downloading it to Mac App Store and then go to its Apps > Angry Birds > Documents folder and paste those files that are present in the Angry Birds Files folder and restart your system. That’s it, now when you start Angry Birds; you can see your scores on the score board.

For Jailbroken iPhone

With the Jailbroken iPhone, you will need SSH to your iDevice and a SSH Client like Cyberduck and then use Cyberduck to open connect it ensuring that it is set to SFTP which is a SSH file transfer protocol. Under the Server you will require to put the device's IP address it this location:

Settings > Wi-Fi (blue arrow by your network's name) > IP Address; Username: root and the password: the password that you have chosen to get the SSH access gaining. The default password is alpine.

You will then need to find the correct folder and its actual location is: private/var/mobile/applications/documents

Once you are in the Angry Birds folder, look for file called highscores.lua and copy it to your computer. Finally after installing Angry Birds to your Mac system, find that particular highscores.lua file in the documents folder and replace it to the previously taken highscores.lua file. Restart the PC and you can see your high scores into Angry Birds.

If any mishap occurred and you are not able to do these steps or if you directly want to transfer iPhone Game Angry Birds into your Mac then using the iPhone Transfer Mac Software. It is available now and can be used to perform iPhone transfer Mac and you can transfer everything present on your iPhone to Mac very easily and securely without any problems.