Celeste Bluetooth File Transfer App for iPhone coming soon!

For transfer iPhone data from iPhone to Mac or other device, you uses the traditional method of using iTunes application but you can do transfer only those applications or downloaded items that are genuine and if you jailbroken your iPhone then iTunes denies transferring the files that are not genuine or unauthorized. Earlier there was also a problem with iPhone that you cannot use Bluetooth to transfer files from one iPhone to other Bluetooth device. The OBEX was disabled that also known as Bluetooth file transfers on its devices. This service is still not activated but at that time developers had created solutions for that and had called iBlueNova a Cydia App that was capable to transfer files including music, pics etc from different iDevices.

CocoanutApps, the developer of many popular applications like YouTube HD Jailbreak App and Gremlin Jailbreak framework are set to bring us another awesome jailbreak application and it is called Celeste.

What is Celeste?

Celeste is a jailbreak App that enable you to send or receive files and photos using the Bluetooth File Transfer from your Jailbroken iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 4 or later. For a long duration people were looking for this iBluenova app which only supported iOS 3.x. Cocoanuts has announced that the Celeste app is ready for release and should be available for download very soon from the Cydia Store.

Cocoanuts hinted that they are coming with the new feature in this application and for the first time you will be able to sync the downloaded songs and videos back to iTunes. Celeste comes with Gremlin for free, that means any songs and videos you receive over Bluetooth will act same as if you bought from the iTunes store. It is really a new thing.

People who had purchased the YouTube HD can also be able to sync back downloaded TouTube Videos to watch them on their Mac or PC. As per the plans, Cocoanuts mentioned that the next YouTube update will feature an audio export feature if you want to keep the audio and remove the video.

It means a proper Bluetooth integration into iOS which was missing will be done for that people were waiting till summer of 2007. You can get more updates on this on the official website of Cocoanuts at http://cocoanuts.co

You should remember that the transfer rate between Bluetooth devices are very slower with respect to USB file transfer method and for faster solution you can use iPhone transfer Mac software that can transfer all types of iPhone files from iPhone to Mac and vice versa. It is available to download and is a faster alternative. Whether your iPhone is jail-broken or not, you can use this application and easily transfer iPhone files from Mac.