Error-69 in iTunes While iPhone Backup

Apple Inc. has developed iTunes not only as an entertainment application but it also plays an important role as an interface between a computer and iPhone/iPod. This can be used to organize data and all other important things on the iPhone.

But while using this iTunes may suffer some error and this can happen due to many reasons due to this many stored data may become inaccessible and it may be heartbreaking for its user. Not only is this but it may result in data deletion. So it becomes necessary for the iPhone user to keep the backup of iPhone. But while sync your iPhone to Mac iTunes you may come across the following error
"Attempting to copy to the disk failed. An unknown error occurred (-69)"

This shows that something wrong has occurred to the iTunes while attempting for backup. Due to this error critical data loss may occur. At this situation user may use iPhone Transfer Mac software to recover lost data.

This software has been especially designed to resolve the problem that takes place at the time of having the backup of the iPhone important data. This software is equipped with powerful and advanced algorithm that performs scanning of your iPhone and finally results in safe recovery of the lost data that can be saved in secure location. This software is easy to use as such it has easy user interface that results in easy handling of the software.