Extract and Restore iPhone Backup on Mac

In order to have entire data of iPhone safe and secure from corruption it is important to keep the backup of entire data by transferring them from iPhone to Mac operating system. Basically iPhone contains many different type of information such as Contacts, SMS, audio/video files, emails, pictures and many other important activities that are involved in it. So backup is very important. So due to this reason iPhone users are searching for better software that can provide the iPhone backup efficiently.

This can be done by many ways such as by syncing the iPhone with iTunes or this can also be done by using third party software that is specialized in this work. So in this condition user can user any software and that will be more efficient as compared to the syncing your iPhone. This is mainly because the backup software is able to transfer and have the backup of entire data and save it in the secured place.

But this might happen that entire iPhone backup file gets corrupted and due to this reason it is of no use and due to this it results into huge loss. So in order to resolve this problem iPhone backup is extracted from the one which is corrupted and to perform this situation iPhone backup extractor is required. With the help of this extractor entire iPhone database automatically gets converted into CSV file format and this file format can be easily imported in Excel, Webmail and MS Outlook.

But in other case if the backup gets encrypted then its extraction is of no use. After completing extract and import of backup files it really becomes very easy to restore the entire data back into iPhone the only thing that you have to perform is entire step by step procedure, that are discussed below:

  • At first load the backup in the iTunes and then sync it with your iPhone.
  • If user want then they can use third party software to sync
  • User can also perform jailbreak of the iPhone and with this replace the files manually.
  • User can also perform the jailbreak of the iPhone and SSH and then perform update of the database by using iPhone backup Sqlite.

After performing this user can save the older backup and then get the new backup of the upgraded iPhone. After this user can easily combine the old and new backup and easily restore it back to your iPhone.

This step works with almost all the Mac OS X version, so in this situation user can easily use iPhone transfer Mac software to transfer the related data from Mac to iPhone. This software is very easy and simple to use as such it has easy and simple interface.