iPhone to Mac Application Transfer Authorization Error : Fix it Now!

Most of the Mac users that are using iPhone generally transfer their data from their iPhone to their Mac and vice versa frequently. Apple iTunes is the application that most of the users are using to play digital media like songs and videos. Not only this, iTunes gives the functionality to arrange digital music and video files as per your requirement.

To perform the data transfer, you need to connect your iPhone to your Mac and sync them. Once it is completed, you can transfer files from iPhone to Mac and vice versa. But users several times find problems when they are trying to transfer large amount of data i.e. huge files, it may takes hours sometimes to complete the full backup of your iPhone to your Mac. Therefore other applications were created that has mechanism to perform faster file transfers.

"While transferring your application from your iPhone to Mac using iTunes, you may encounter the Authorization error."

Files like songs, videos, calendar entries, contacts can easily imported from iPhone to Mac but when it comes to transfer iPhone Apps by first sync all the apps, chances are that everything that is present on your iPhone will be deleted. It may occur if you have recently done the fresh installation of iTunes and do not transferred purchases prior to syncing. Till now it’s not a big problem as you can fix it by login with same iTunes account and then after you need to authorize that device.

If authorization complete successfully then its fine but if not then you need to download all those apps using Macbook and iTunes. Fortunately Apple does not take prices for downloading an app which you have earlier purchase from its store. Its fine if you have one or two applications but since users generally use lots of applications and downloading all of them takes hours and it's really mind-numbing.

Here are few steps to solve this problem:

  • Deauthorize the device and delete the SC info folder
  • Exit iTunes and restart Mac
  • Open iTunes and authorized device and try to transfer purchased from iPhone

If the error 'Some of the purchased items on the iPhone including (file name) could not be transferred to your iTunes Library because you are not authorized to play them on this computer.' Occurs till now then it means you are using another iTunes account to get those applications and it will not be done.

A simple solution to avoid these kinds of iPhone to Mac application transfer authorization error is to use third party iPhone To Mac Transfer Software that are faster than iTunes and provide all kinds of data transfer from iPhone to Mac and Mac to iPhone. In case you are getting the iPhone to Mac transfer authorization error and there is no other solution, download iPhone to Mac Transfer software and forget the iPhone application transfer authorization error as it will transfer all kinds of files including Apps.