Common iPhone Sync Problems and its solutions!

When you attached iPhone to your Mac in order to transfer iPhone data like Photos, videos, music, applications etc to Mac then the first process which occurs is called Syncing. It is the process of connecting the iPhone to Mac so that the further data transfer can occur. Its look easy but it is actually very complicated and computer intensive process so it is not a matter of surprise that you may have problems while doing this process. It’s possible that the sync process become slower and takes much time. If you do the troubleshooting of these problems then the iPhone syncing can become faster.

Some issues that frequently occur while iPhone Sync procedure:

iPhone Won't Sync with iTunes

It is an error that can occur when you connect your iPhone to Mac and click Sync. To fix this problem, you should disconnect iPhone from USB port of the computer and reset the iPhone by pressing and holding the sleep/awake button until reset slider appear. Once it appears, swipe the slider to the right to shut down the iPhone. Then hold the sleep/awake button until apple logo appears to reboot the iPhone. Then attach the iPhone to computer’s USB port and wait for the icon to appear on the left section of iTunes.

iPhone won't sync with MobileMe Online

To fix this problem you should first check your pc, internet connection and the OS. If all these things are fine and working well then disconnect iPhone and reboot computer, attach iPhone to the USB port when the computer has rebooted. The properly check that if the MobileMe account is configured or not. If not then go to Settings > Mail, Contact, Claendars and tapping “Fetch New Data” and Make Sure “Push” is turn on and tap the mail icon to get back one screen. The Tap the “MobileMe Account” and check the account info. Configure the settings and return to the home screen and try the sync again.

iPhone Locks up During Sync

To fix this problem you need to first disconnect the iPhone from USB port and then hold down the sleep/wake and home button until the iPhone goes dark release when the apple logo appears. Quit iTunes and then attach the iPhone to the USB port of the computer when it has fully come up. Run iTunes and restore to the iPhone from a backup when prompted.

iPhone Won't Sync with Contacts

Do a backup of the iPhone Contacts and then go to the settings on the iPhone. Then, Select > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. After everything has been wiped from the iPhone, attach the iPhone to USB port of your computer and launch iTunes. Then choose ‘set up new phone’ menu in iTunes. When it is done, manually sync the iPhone. This should restore everything and sync the contacts correctly.

In all these problems, there is always a risk of data loss and if your iPhone contain important data like your favorite music, videos, applications and other stuffs then you should not use secure method to transfer iPhone files to Mac computer. If you reset iPhone then all the data present on the iPhone need to be removed. To do this you should use iPhone Transfer Mac software. This software does not require using iTunes for data transfers and can easily transfer all the files from iPhone to Mac and vice versa. It is available for download so download iPhone Transfer Mac and easily transfer all your iPhone contents to and from Mac.