iPhone 4 SMS Transfer: Restore Text Messages onto PC

Is the Inbox memory full of your iPhone 4 and you don't want to delete those messages? Is your iPhone 4 rejecting SMS due to the fact that Inbox is full? Are you finding it difficult to manage the text messages in your iPhone 4? If these are some of the problems that you are engulfed with at the present moment, then you need not have to worry because iPhone 4 SMS Transfer software is available that can easily import all the messages from the mobile to the PC easily and that too without any kind of data loss.

We keep on receiving hundreds of thousands of messages on a frequent basis and this in turn fills the memory of the iPhone 4. As a result of which we don’t get any further messages until and unless the memory of the inbox is released. So whether we like it or not, we have to delete those SMS. But now there is no need to do such thing as you can restore the SMS by transferring to the PC of yours with the help of iPhone 4 SMS Transfer software. The software first scans the iPhone Inbox memory and then using powerful algorithm and programming methods, transfers the messages to the computer easily. The software exports the messages in 3 types of file formats; ANTS, MHT and TXT file. You have the option to transfer multiple sms at a single time and can also transfer the contacts from iPhone 4 and create a backup copy on the PC.

Some of the features of the iPhone 4 SMS Transfer software are summarized under the following headings:

  • User can edit the messages and can generate a print out copy as well
  • Password protection feature of transferred sms is available
  • Runs on all popular versions of Mac operating system
  • Performs Read Only operation and is easy to use

Once you have exported the messages from your iPhone to PC using iPhone 4 SMS Transfer Software, then you can relax and breathe a sigh of relief. Even if the text messages are deleted from the iPhone 4 due to certain reasons, you can retrieve them back since you have created its backup on your PC earlier and hence you don’t have to face data loss kind of circumstance. The demo version of the software is available where you can transfer only 100 messages from iPhone 4 to your Mac PC and in order to avail all the features, you will have to purchase the licensed version of the software.