iPhone 4 Transfer Software: Exports Music, Videos, SMS to Computer

iPhone 4 is the newly launched smart phone version from the manufacturing giant Apple and is the successor of iPhone 3Gs. In this update mobile version, users can find wide array of features and technologies that was not prevalent in the earlier version of this very smart phone. iPhone 4 has got large amount of memory space where users can store unlimited amount of data and don’t have to delete a single one of those. However just like other gadgets this mobile is also susceptible to defects and damage on the pretext it is being mishandled or some other reasons. There might come a time that this very cell phone of yours might get damaged or you might unintentionally delete all the data from its memory. In that kind of situation, if there is no backup available, then all your precious data can get deleted and no software is available that can recover back the erased items from your iPhone 4.

The data and other information that is present in the iPhone 4 are very important and dear for the users and they would not like to compromise with it at any cost. If you don’t want the above kind of situation happen to you and make you feel repentance, then it is important that to create a backup of all the data onto a secondary storage device preferably onto the Mac PC of yours. There is an inbuilt application called iTunes that can certainly help to create a backup of iPhone 4 data but there are 2 big disadvantages of this very app. The first one is that of synchronization problem under which the data can get deleted when the backup is created. The other one is that iTunes does not perform selective transfer or backup. It means that if you feel like creating a backup of only the music folders, then it is not possible. In order to avoid such kind of situation, users can opt for 3rd party software to transfer the iPhone data to Mac PC.

3rd party iPhone 4 Transfer Software is available that can easily export all kinds of iPhone 4 data like music, videos, songs, applications, text messages, contacts, appointments etc to the computer of users. It makes use of powerful scanning methods to scrutinize the data located in the memory of this smart phone and then uses powerful algorithm and programming methods to transfer the data. Some of the features of the software are summarized under the following headings:

  • Supports multiple iOS devices simultaneously
  • Supports different music formats like MOV, M4V, MP4, 3GP etc
  • Users can transfer ePub as well to the PC of theirs
  • User friendly interface and no technical skills required
  • You can transfer data to iPod or another iPhone as well
  • Users can transfer, edit and manage iPhone 4 ringtones
  • You can easily manage playlist by creating and editing them
  • Thumbnail and list preview option is available for the users

So download iPhone 4 Transfer software and easily export the entire data to your Mac operating system so that if that information are deleted from your iPhone, you can retrieve it back from the backup that you have created with the help of this very software.