Resolve Slow Backup Error in iPhone!

iPhone user may face the problem of error message if they have installed the iPhone application from Apple store basically in this situation iPhone takes too long for the backup. This problem is not known at the beginning but when user will try to take the backup of important data then they come to realize this error. In this situation when the backup process is started then the error causes backup to drag and pause for longer period of time before getting started again.

This problem will annoy you at the end, so in order to get this problem fixed user need to follow some important steps. These steps will be helpful in resolving the problem of iPhone backup and provides efficient backup of the iPhone. The steps are mentioned below:

  • At first open iTunes and click edit then Preferences then syncing and then removing all the previous backups.

  • Then you will have to locate the backup files for iTunes that are in your system's file structure and then need to delete entire backup files and folders.

  • After this you will have to plug in the iPhone and on the application tab uncheck sync application option after this iTunes will ask “If you want to remove the applications' from the iPhone?” say 'Yes' and click "Sync" button. It will be helpful in removing entire application from iPhone and at the same provide the backup also.

  • When 'sync' process is completed then disconnect your iPhone and then restart your iPhone.

  • Then connect your iPhone again and then start sync again.

  • When this process gets completed then right click on the left column of your iPhone and click Backup and leave it to complete the process of backup.

  • When this is completed then you can easily get the backup in better manner.

But after following this process problem still persists then user can use third party software known as iPhone transfer Mac software. This is one of the most powerful software that performs efficient backup of iPhone data. Not only is this but it provides fast and secure and efficient backup.