Restore iPhone from Jailbreak

Many iPhone users do not want to jailbreak their iPhone this is mainly because they think that it takes much more effort at the time of restoring it to original state. But in reality unjailbreaking is not very tough in fact it is much easier process as compared to original jailbreak process.

In this situation user can follow only few simple steps user can easily return from the jailbroken iPhone to it’s out of box state. At this stage user does not even lose the stored data. After that you will not be able to differentiate between the jailbroken iPhone and one that has never been jailbroken at all.

Step-by-step procedure to restore the iPhone from Jailbreak:

  • At first plug your iPhone in your system and then open the iTunes. Then select the iPhone option and then click the restore button.
  • Then iTunes will ask you that would you want to backup your iPhone first. In this situation iTunes will only backup the iPhone
  • that has non-jailbreak specific information such as photos and contacts and if you want to keep entire data then click “back up” button.
  • After this you will see a quick warning of Click Restore.
  • Then you can use iPhone transfer Mac Software to transfer and restore the entire or selected iPhone data. After completing this procedure user can start the restore process.
  • Then iPhone gets activated and you will be given the option to restore from backup. Then pick the backup and click continue button to restore the iPhone. Some says that after Jailbreaking, you should select "Set up a new iPhone" - however, doing this will lose all your saved data. Restoring from a backup will still unjailbreak your iPhone, but leave your data intact. You won't be able to tell it was ever jailbroken.

So in this way entire data gets stored and at this time you may found one more trace of Jailbreaking and it needs to be deleted. For this go into the photos and select “camera roll” if you see any photo, or picture of jailbreak apps, you can delete them this will remove every evidence of Jailbreaking.