Transfer Applications From One iPhone To Another iPhone

iPhone is a great gadget and it is incorporated with several features and functionalities that help its user to perform many things through it. iPhone users are able to perform these tasks by the help of the inbuilt applications which makes this iPhone different from other mobile phones. Apart from the applications incorporated in iPhone at the time of manufacturing, there are several other applications that you can be installed in the iPhone and can be used when the need is felt. But the iPhone applications can only be downloaded from the Apple Store and user needs to pay for the every application download. In this circumstance paying each time for a single application so that other family members can also use that application in their iPhone is really a stupid thing to do. So, it will be better if an application is downloaded by paying once and is copied to the other iPhone’s by any means. It is smarter thing to do and will save the money as well.

iTunes utility facilitate this activity of transferring one iPhone's application to other and it is legal as well since the application is the licensed downloaded copy from Apple Store. The steps which will guide you to transfer one iPhone's application to other using iTunes utility are as follows -

  • Launch iTunes utility on the Mac.
  • Authorize iTunes with your account information and for that go to Store > Authorize Computer.
  • Now enter the iTunes account credentials and click on 'Authorize'.
  • After that connect the iPhone with licensed application or media which you want to transfer through iTunes to the other iPhone.
  • Now right click the iPhone icon in the iTunes and choose “Transfer Purchase” option.
  • Once the iPhone is connected it may ask you to update, restore or backup but don’t allow these things to happen.
  • Then your iPhone will say ‘Sync in Progress’ and you will see the files are coping. It may take long time depending on the purchase you made.
  • Once the transfer is completed eject the iPhone from iTunes.
  • Now connect the target iPhone with iTunes and transfer the copied application to the target iPhone by clicking the 'Sync' button of the application tab.

Transferring application from one iPhone to another is really an easy task using iTunes utility. But every time iTunes does not works properly and throws some error messages which don’t allow the user to transfer iPhone applications from one iPhone to other. In this situation using any third party software for iPhone application transfer is the only way out. So, just use iPhone Transfer Mac software and efficiently transfer application from one iPhone to another iPhone without any hassle.