Transfer iPhone Data AT&T iPhone to Verizon iPhone

As iPhone 4G is launched, people that has earlier used iPhone and iPhone 3G would like to get the latest version of this Smart Phone. If you are one of them then you will also like to transfer all your iPhone documents to your new iPhone. Earlier iPhone was available with AT&T but Now Verizon iPhone is also available and people are going for the Verizon iPhone deals and getting the Verizon iPhone.

To transfer all you data from AT&T iPhone to Verizon iPhone, you should download the latest version of iTunes. You can download it from the official website of Apple. Then you need both iPhone and a computer to do all these process.

Steps to transfer iPhone data from AT&T iPhone to Verizon iPhone

Update iTunes

If your iTunes is not up to date then visit and download the latest version of iTunes according to your computer. Install it properly and proceed to next step.

Sync your old AT&T iPhone

Using the USB cable connects your old iPhone. After the iTunes detect it, it will appear in the left hand site of playlists and devices. By default the iTunes is set to backup everything but you can also choose what to backup. If you have purchase some new songs or files and want to take their backup too then you can choose Transfer purchases and it will take very less time to take the backup of any new data present on your iPhone. Once everything is selected, click on the sync button and the bottom of iPhone as it will appear after the sync. That is the backup that you should copy on your new Verizon iPhone.

Sync your new iPhone

Unplug old iPhone and connect the new iPhone to your computer. Now after recognizing by iTunes, you will be asked to "restore from the backup" or "set up as a new Phone". Here choose the "Restore from a backup" and this will copy all the settings, files, apps, contacts and all those things that you had earlier transfer from old iPhone. This will create a clone of your old content data to your new iPhone. Choose the backup from the drop down menu text which you have recently taken and then proceed. It will take time in iPhone Transfer Mac as per the size of backup file. If it is successful then you are done.