Easily Transfer iPhone Contacts between iPhone !

Many iPhone users search for the software that can easily transfer iPhone contacts from one iPhone to another. Basically this is done when the user has purchased a new iPhone and needs to transfer entire contacts from old iPhone to new one. Now performing this task is no more a problem hence iPhone contacts can be transferred between iPhone easily.

For this purpose iPhone Transfer Mac software can be used it has been designed especially for transferring iPhone contacts between iPhone or from iPhone to Mac operating system. Due to these features it is considered to be the popular contacts transfer software for Mac operating system.

It is known that while transferring iPhone contacts from memory card or SIM card there are possibilities of data lose and it becomes impossible to recover the lost data. But with the use of iPhone Transfer Mac software data can be easily transferred without any data loss.

To perform this task it is important for the user to follow some important steps that are discussed below:

It is important to sync iPhone with cables and then open iTunes on Mac operating system. So it means that all these things are important system requirement at the time of transferring data between iPhone.

User is provided two options they can either transfer entire contacts or can transfer just a single contact. In this situation user can click on one contact to show detail information related to that contact.

  • At first transfer iPhone contacts to Mac system and in this you will have to press “copy” button for single or all iPhone contacts. After this select the location as file type and file Path and then click Ok button to finish.
  • User can save iPhone contact and then transfer it as ANTC, CSV or TXT files format. As such in CSV user can restore data back to iPhone. If data is saved in ANTC file format then it can be preserved by setting password.
  • To transfer iPhone contacts from computer to other iPhone user need to click Start button then All Programs and then Accessories, click to open Address Book.
  • Then in Address Book, click File - Import - Other Address Book..., select Text File, click Import, then browse the CSV file, click Next, Map the fields to import, click finish.
  • Then open the iTunes connect iPhone then click to select the iPhone on iTunes, choose Info tab, in Contact section, check "Sync contacts with Windows Address Book", click apply.

In this way iPhone contacts can be easily transferred between iPhone.