Transfer iPhone Data from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4

Once the latest version of Apple iPhone called iPhone 4 get available, people started purchasing them. Even those people who already used original iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs also have purchased iPhone 4 from Apple Store and from other sources that are selling iPhone 4. Now after purchasing the iPhone 4, it is pretty obvious that people want to use all those applications and other files that were present on their old iPhone and for that they first need to transfer old iPhone data to new iPhone 4.

To do this simply, you need a Mac or Windows Computer and latest version of iTunes installed on it. Then first transfer all the iPhone files, applications, settings and everything that is present on your old iPhone and then restore the files to the new iPhone. The steps to Transfer iPhone Data from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 are:

  • Download or update iTunes to the latest version. It will always be better since you are now going to use the latest iPhone 4
  • Using the USB Cable, Connect your old iPhone to your Mac and wait for its recognition by iTunes. Once it is recognized, your iPhone will start syncing with iTunes. Once this process is over, you have the latest and complete iPhone backup present on your iTunes library
  • Now disconnect the old iPhone /iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS and connect iPhone 4. Since your iPhone is new, it may take few more seconds to recognize the iPhone 4. Once it is recognized, you can see this device icon in iTunes windows.
  • Next select the option “restore from a backup” during iPhone Setup. Select the latest backup from the list that appears
  • Once the setup is completed, click on the iPhone icon. Now check all the contents that you want to be restored into your new iPhone 4 like photos, music, videos, apps etc and once done, click on the Apply button to start the Syncing your iPhone.

It will take time depending upon the size of the backup file. You should wait patiently as it may take few minutes to hours. Also make sure that everything goes correctly or otherwise serious problems can occur.

If you have problems in iPhone transfer Mac and are unable to successfully transfer all the files from old iPhone to new iPhone 4 then you have another alternative to transfer old iPhone data to new iPhone. To do this an application called iPhone Transfer Mac is available. It is a really powerful tool to perform data transfer from iPhone to Mac, Mac to iPhone and from iPhone to iPhone. One more interesting thing is that you do not need to use iTunes to transfer the files from one to another device. So you will never get any iTunes problems if you use iPhone Transfer Mac. Download iPhone Transfer Mac, install it on your computer and connect iPhones. You can also connect both the iPhones at a time and easily transfer files from one to another device or alternatively you can connect one iPhone, take its backup on the computer and then connect iPhone 4 and restore all the backup data on it. It’s really easy.

So, Download iPhone Transfer Mac and say good bye to iPhone file transfer problems.