Transfer Files Across iPhone, iPad and Mac in 3 Simple Ways

The world is changing every moment and with this ever changing world the latest fashionable technology is also changing. With the advent of modern and sophisticated technology there are several gadgets formulated or designed that simplifies the user tasks by several folds and in the meanwhile if you are lucky enough to own the entire trinity of the Apple products i.e. iPhone, iPod and Mac then very soon you will realize and feel the need to transfer files across all three devices in a simple way. As a first step to accomplish this action you can connect one device to Mac, sync and then disconnect to do the same with other device, but it is bit time taking and you need such functionality that can able you to transfer the files with a press of a button. So, here are the three ways that can help you to transfer files across the Apple products in an easy way.

3 Easy Ways to Transfer Files Across iPhone, iPad and Mac

  • MobileMe iDisk - When you install Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating system you already get MobileMe iDisk application. All you need to do is just open the 'Finder' and click on the iDisk icon which is one of the first listing under 'Devices'. Then select the folder you want to transfer and move the file into it. Doing this will save the file in 'the cloud' and you can access it pretty much wherever you want either on your iPhone or with your iPhone. Just install the iDisk application and that's it.

  • Drop Box App - This is one of the most widely used application and favorite of many people. The beauty of this application is just be connected with the internet in any computer of the world, save the file in the cloud and access the saved file in any of your iDevice and Mac. Just download the saved files in any of the gadget like iPhone, iPad and play online with this application. It is easy, simple and the best that you can get.

  • iPhone Transfer Mac - This is the third party tool that will help you to transfer any kind of file like photos, music files, applications, games, documents any thing that you want from iPhone to Mac or vice-versa, iPhone to iPad or vice-versa and iPad to Mac or vice-versa including iPod as well. This is the best software that will help in serious situations and save your data from getting lost. Just a click or button press and your job is done.

So, if you are still tensed about transfer of data between different Apple gadgets like iPhone, iPad or Mac then forget about it because now you can easily perform the transfer work anytime anywhere instantly.