How to restore your iPhone after "an unknown restore error"

Many iPhone users try to transfer the iPhone data to their system in order to restore them as a backup. But suddenly there are chances in which users come across the error message "unknown restore error message". This error message may also occur when user tries to restore the iPhone.

So in order to resolve the error message it is important to follow some instructions such as:

  • At first restart your computer after getting the error message "unknown restore".
  • Then use different USB port but in case you are using laptop then just plug it in the different USB port. In case you use a desktop then you can simply connect your iPhone into a USB port from the backside of the computer. Plug directly into a port on the computer and not a USB hub, which is a cable with several USB ports. Many times, simply using a different USB port will allow the restore to complete
  • Then it is important to disable the anti-virus program and then try to restore it again. If the restoring problem still exists then there might be something blocked.
  • Restoration problem might also occur due to internet connection. In case you are using WI-FI on your laptop then try to plug it directly to the internet. If you are trying to restore while being connected then it might block the restoring functionality so you can try some other internet connection.
  • Finally if it is still impossible to restore the iPhone then user can make a new user profile and then try to open iTunes in it and then try to restore iPhone again

But in case after trying all these things still you are unable to restore your iPhone and getting the error message then you can try to restore in a different computer with iTunes. And follow the message displayed on the screen. But in case the error problem exists while restoring then user can use iPhone Transfer Mac software that will enable to resolve entire problem. As such it has powerful algorithm and scanning process that resolves the error problem and then simply restores the iPhone in your Mac operating system.