Transfer Music from iPhone To Mac

Are you willing to buy a software that can transfer contents from your iphone to mac and vice versa?

What are the prerequisite by a system for using the software Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac?

How much time is required for transferring audio files using Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac software?

Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac is a prominent tool for transfer of music from iphone/ ipod to mac machine. It also facilitates conversion of video file format from MP4 or MPEG to MP3 i.e. from the format supported in iphone to mac system. The need for this software is felt most when one wish to download new songs but is deprived of it since the iphone is filled to capacity with the previous songs.

Main features

  • Help us in transfer of music files from iphone to mac system at relatively high speed.
  • Local files present in mac system can be easily transferred to iphone
  • Transfer of music between two ipods/iphones.
  • Create, edit or delete play lists.
  • Transfer of playlist between two iphones or ipods.
  • Efficient method for management of files.
  • Locating files stored within the system by employing efficient search technique.
  • Enable your iphone to act as an external hard drive.
  • Free updation of the software once purchased.

System requirement:-

  • Mac OS supported versions are -10.4-10.5
  • Capacity of RAM should not be less than 512 MB
  • Free disk upto 30 GB or preferably more
  • Super VGA having resolution of 800 by 600 is required
  • Availability of 16-bit graphic card is essential
  • iTunes,of version 7.4 or later