Transfer Video from iPhone To Mac

Are you looking for software that can backup iphone files to your mac machine?

Do you want software that copies files from your mac system to iphone?

Does the software - Transfer Video from iPhone to Mac is worth while working with different iphones?

Is this software trustworthy for every system?

Transfer Video from iPhone to Mac is the right answer for all those who want iphone to mac backup together with iphone to iTunes copy skill that too in a convenient manner.

Through Transfer Video from iPhone to Mac iphone backup function, you don’t need to worry about accidental loss of iPhone files anymore”. Transferring video files into the mac machine allows us to view the video with full quality instead of the compressed view usually found in iphones.

Key Features of the software: Transfer Video from iPhone to Mac:-

  • It is easier than iTunes
  • Backup video on iphone to mac
  • Copy iphone video files to iTunes
  • Copy files from mac to iPhone
  • Rate of file transfer is exceptionally high
  • Supports all types of iphones including iphone & iphone 3G
  • Easy management of video files by grouping them
  • You can comment on different videos and assign rating to them as per your choice
  • iphone manager helps you by managing your iphone as an external hard drive

The software is so sharp that it automatically recognizes the iphone as soon as it is inserted into the system.

Transfer Video from iPhone to Mac is well suited to a system having mac OS of version 10.4-10.5 along with RAM of 512MB, Intel processor or G4/G5 processor. The machine should have enough free space required for installing the software Transfer Video from iPhone to Mac. The video file transferred from iphone into the system is stored as .vob file.

At last, I must say that the software Transfer Video from iPhone to Mac not only works in an easier manner as compared to iTunes infact it has capabilities that is unmatched; prominent among them is backup of data. Go for a free trial of the software now!